About Us

John's Shop-Rite Pharmacy & Medical Supply is family-owned and operated right here in Long Beach, CA.

Our pharmacy was initially located within the old Gemco chain until they went out of business in 1984. John which was the Pharmacist running the pharmacy in Gemco, decided to move next door and take the business with him. After him and his wife opened the pharmacy and ran it for 5 years they decided that it was time to move into retirement. It was purchased by Andy R.Ph in 1989 who previously worked for Savon Drugs as their pharmacy manager for a few years after his graduation from South Dakota State University in 1981 as a Registered Pharmacist. Andy continued running the pharmacy and has ran it ever since, with his longtime employee Marianne and dedicated staff. Thanks to our loyal customers and doctor networks we have recently expanded to a brand new facility in the same shopping center where it originally opened. We are Medicare accredited and accept all insurances. With changing times and "baby boomers" needing more supplies the business has steered towards the changing market, and now has a full line of Medical supplies and equipment to serve all medical needs. In 2019 we out grew our location and moved into a much larger location to be able to offer a very large selection of Medical Supplies, Equipment and expanded our Pharmacy.

A message from our founders

As a local pharmacy, we recognize the impact that an independant pharmacy can make in a community. We strive to work with each patient to provide individualized, personal health care services. We are proud to continue the tradition of local pharmacy to our community and its surrounding area.

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