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Product Code : rx-443
Model No : Heavy Duty Knee Walker – Tall

Heavy Duty Knee Walker — Tall

Extra Tall Knee Walker for up to 6’8” users is ideal to provide non-weight bearing mobility for ankle, foot or Achilles injuries

Easy maneuverability combined with NOVA’s patented locking hand brakes

Easily adjusts for left or right leg, steering column folds down for transport and storage

Comes with 8” rugged wheels and contoured and padded knee platform

We love the Extra Tall and Heavy Duty Knee Walker because being on the go … while recovering from foot/ankle/Achilles injury is long, uncomfortable and very inconvenient. Stay mobile and recover better with the non-weight bearing Knee Walker equipped with locking hand brakes, rugged wheels and an extra tall, heavy duty frame that supports up to 400 lb. It’s going to be a long 6-12 weeks … suffer less and move more.

Item Number: TKW-14

UPC Number: 652308142731

MSRP: $479.95

Weight Capacity / Wt Cap: 400 lbs.

HPPCS Code: E0118

Overall Weight: 32 lbs.

Overall Dimensions High (inches): 20.25w x 36d x 41.25h

Overall Dimensions Low (inches): 20.25w x 36d x 35.5h

Overall Folded Dimensions (inches): 20.25-21.5w x 36d x 24-25.75h

Approx. User Height: 6’2” — 6’8”

Handle Height Adjustment (inches): 35.5 — 41.25

Seat Dimensions (inches): 7.5w x 15d x 2.75h

Seat Height (inches): 21.5 — 25.75

Wheel Size: 8β€³