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Support Surfaces Guide

The right support surface can make a big difference

Regularly lost in the progressing discussion about how best to treat pressure ulcers, is a significant idea: anticipation. There are numerous variables that make up a total pressing factor ulcer anticipation plan, including legitimate skin treatment and great nourishment. Yet, on the off chance that pressing factor is the significant reason for pressure ulcers, it bodes well that any avoidance plan would address the help of that pressure.

One approach to accomplish that is by continually turning or repositioning the patient. Similarly significant, be that as it may, is the real help surface on which the patient is sitting or lying. A compelling pressing factor decreasing help surface will permit your body to sink into it. In doing as such, the pressing factor between your body and the surface is circulated over a more extensive zone. As a rule, the a greater amount of your body that is in contact with the help surface, the better.

The accompanying review will give you a smart thought of the surfaces accessible today, and feature a portion of their focal points and disservices. How exceptional a framework you need will rely upon your specific clinical circumstance. Will an overlay surface that lays on top of a standard bedding be adequate? Or then again will you need a whole sleeping cushion substitution? Is cost an issue? Is it true that you are in a home consideration climate? Those are generally contemplations for your medical services proficient. Cooperating you ought to have the option to affectionate the correct framework.

Overlays & Mattresses

One choice you and your consideration supplier should make is whether to buy an overlay framework or seek after a sleeping pad substitution arrangement.

Overlays do precisely what their name proposes; they "lay more than" a standard sleeping pad to give expanded pressing factor decrease and secure the hard zones of your body which are generally powerless against pressure ulcers. When all is said in done, they are more convenient and more affordable than different choices, yet there can be issues with "reaching as far down as possible", or soaking in so far that your body surface leans against the firmer standard sleeping pad under.

Sometimes, your attendant or specialist may suggest a substitution sleeping cushion made of a pressing factor decreasing material or a real emotionally supportive network, that replaces the bedding and outline, and may incorporate different segments. While substitution beddings will in general give more prominent pressing factor decrease, they are pricier and bulkier.

The greater part of the materials underneath can work as either an overlay or a total sleeping cushion arrangement.

Types of support surfaces


The most convenient surface sort, froth can likewise be trimmed into various shapes, which makes it a potential answer for wheelchairs or other more modest regions. Froth can likewise be utilized as a sleeping pad material. It is significant that the tallness, thickness and immovability of the overlay be adequate to help the heaviness of the patient, while keeping them from reaching as far down as possible. For instance, gentler froths will encompass a patient's body better, however should be made thicker. Some froth items are even joined with gel, to cause them to adjust far and away superior. Some consider froth overlays a wellbeing worry in that it raises the sleeping pad stature much further.

Viscoelastic (Visco)

Viscoelastic is a kind of froth uphold surface that is temperature touchy. Accordingly, it gets milder, adjusts better and disperses pressure all the more uniformly when in contact with a warm body surface. This is a favorable position over conventional, stiffer froth surfaces. Also, viscoelastic help surfaces continuously form to the state of the body lying on a superficial level, instead of getting back to its unique shape. This builds the measure of froth in contact with the body, further decreasing pressing factor.

Low-air loss

Low-air misfortune surfaces are made out of interlocking air pockets or cells that adjust to your shape and help ease the heat off of the hard regions of your body. A pneumatic machine pushes a consistent progression of air all through the gadget, and replaces any air that may spill out through the surface. It is important that the overlay is expanded with the perfect measure of air, which will shift dependent on the heaviness of the patient. A few frameworks will permit distinctive part of the sleeping pad or overlay to be expanded to various pressing factor levels. A lot of air in any one are will just build the pressing factor felt by the patient and too little air put the patient in danger of reaching as far down as possible.

Dynamic or Alternating Pressure

Dynamic or substituting pressure uphold surfaces comprise of longer air cells orchestrated next to each other in sections. The overlay or bed is snared to a vacuum apparatus that on the other hand expands certain lines of the overlay. The hypothesis behind the substituting movement is that it shifts strain to various pieces of the body, accordingly not permitting any one body zone to stay under tension for a delayed period. It is additionally accepted that the rotating pressure improves lymphatic stream. A few patients locate the substituting movement causes them to feel uncomfortable.

Fluid-filled (Gel or water)

These overlays or sleeping cushions are comprised of enormous and little compartments loaded up with gel or water. The liquid scatters the pressing factor around the hard territories of the patient's body. The two materials are intended to give pressure decrease to the patient, while not permitting them to reach as far down as possible. Most are canvassed in a vinyl shell, which makes them moderately simple to clean. One worry that every so often ascends for water and gel overlays worked without compartments is that when the top of the bed is raised, gravity will make the water drop down and pool under the patients back and rear.


These beds have been accessible for more than 40 years. They comprise of around one ton of glass globules fixed in a sheet made of an engineered material (like polyester or Gore-tex). Warm, high-pressure air is then constrained through the dots, causing them take on a liquid state. Air-fluidized beds permit the best degree of inundation of any surface currentlt accessible. However much that 66% of your body can sink into the bed, which eases the heat off of the hard pieces of your body and disseminates it neighboring regions. Due to the significant expense of air-fluidized frameworks, you should check with your medical services supplier to be certain their utilization is covered under your arrangement.


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